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buckle up, bitches.


 As we stand at the precipice, feeling the heat on our faces from the dumpster fire our country has devolved into, sometimes an escape is necessary. And sure, meth’ll do that for you, but maybe, just maybe, dating horror stories from someone else’s romantic fuckery might be better for your health—surely your dentist would agree…


So, laugh, cry, blush from second-hand embarrassment, and revel in a playground of mishaps that just might, for 20 minutes, help you forget.

Essays are written by Cole Grissom, inspired by real events. But rest assured...if a character resembles you in any way—I promise you’re wrong. 


If you like what you hear, subscribe, share—tell your friends, your frenimies, your bad dates—your good dates— the guy in the alley you’re planing on giving a handy to later tonight. Tell em all. 

Buckle up, bitches... 



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